Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 goes on sale later this month

by 9to5google The time has come that Samsung has made its Galaxy Note 10.1 official. It announced in a press release this morning that its 10.1-inch tablet will ship to the masses worldwide later this month. The tablet will be equipped with Samsung’s infamous S-Pen that allows users to take notes and easily make drawings […]

You Would be your Own Boss by Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular job options in today’s society. Freelancing refers to a temporary working arrangement governed by a contract or agreement. Freelancers work from their own location and set their own hours. The flexible working space and flexible working hours are the major advantages of freelancing; due to these advantages, the […]


iPhone 5′s Will Have A 30-Pin Adapter so, Don’t Worry

by mobilemag There has been a lot of back and forth about what a smaller dock connector on the new iPhone and other future Apple devices could mean for the company, for users and for all those 30-pin accessories. There have been many users who feel like the change isn’t a good one and are […]

Now Detector Can Use Wi-Fi Signals to Literally See Through Walls

by mobilemag It’s not quite as advanced as Superman’s X-ray vision, but this newest innovation from the world of science is particularly noteworthy, because it makes use of pre-existing Wi-Fi networks. The new detector was created by Karl Woodbridge and Kevin Chetty of University College London and it taps into the Wi-Fi signal that is […]


Android gaming handheld JXD S5100 now available in Markets

JXD has a habit of making handheld gaming consoles that run Google Android software. They also tend to look like knockoffs of other popular products. The JXD S5110, for instance, looks a lot like a Sony PlayStation Portable. And the JXD S5100 Deluxe Gaming Tablet looks like a Nintendo 3DS… with a single screen. You […]