How to Watch YouTube Videos Using VLC Media Player

To add to its capabilities, let we tell you that VLC player can easily play videos/audios straight from internet URL’s. And for our instance example we will check it out with YouTube streams. If you wish you may simply play the video or you may go a step forward and download or save the media. […]

Steve Jobs was ‘very receptive’ to a 7-inch iPad

Although Apple has long dismissed the viability of 7-inch tablets, the company has been talking about a smaller iPad internally for some time — and Steve Jobs himself was “very receptive” to the idea even though he had previously called 7-inch tablets “DOA” on an October 2010 earnings call. That’s the word from an email […]


US plans to block any plan to give UN more control of the internet

by theverge Another round in the decades-old battle for which entities are able to control and regulate key parts of the internet is gearing up for this December. While the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) is likely to feature a debate about the UN’s role in these regulations, the US has signaled its intentions […]

HTC 1X and 1S devices get new menu button option

by theverge it looks like all One X and One S owners — including those internationally — are going to get a similar update to the one AT&T released last Thursday, allowing users to map the pre-Android 4.0 menu button to the multitasking capacitive touch key on the bottom of the device. Word that the […]

Xiaomi, the up-and-coming Chinese Android smartphone

by thenextweb Xiaomi, the up-and-coming Chinese Android smartphone maker recently valued at $4 billion, has announced that its hotly-anticipated Xiaomi 2 device will be unveiled on August 16 in Beijing. Employees of the company, including founder Lei Jun, began posting the cryptic message to Sina Weibo on Saturday. An official company account then clarified that […]