Sharp Confirms That New iPhone’s Screen Is Shipping This Month

by mobilemag Sharp has officially confirmed that it will be shipping the screens for the next iPhone this month at a special press briefing in Tokyo. Unfortunately, that’s about all we know for sure about the screen as Sharp President Takashi Okuda took a “no comment” stance on other questions about the screen such as […]


Free Kids Silhouettes Vectors and Brushes

Today we have a free download that includes 14 different silhouettes of children. Each is provided in vector format (.ai file) and a Photoshop brush set (.abr file) is included as well. This vector/brush set is free for use in your personal and commercial projects, no attribution required. Download the vectors and brushes (2.5 MB […]


Archos G10 xs tablet will be launched this month

by Notebook Italia The Archos G10 xs is one of many tablets the company teased earlier this year, and it’s a bit of a departure from its previous offerings. The G10 line-up will arrive with Google certification, and that means full access to all the goodies offered on Google Play — no rooting or modding […]


A Tiny PC with Ubuntu

by   The Gumstix Waysmall Silverlode is a tiny, low power computer designed for commercial or industrial applications. But under the hood it’s running a version of Ubuntu Linux optimized by Linaro to run on ARM-based processors. So it could also theoretically find use as an inexpensive desktop computer or media center PC.   […]

Microsoft + Yammer introduced a Facebook like Chat box

Some days ago Microsoft officially announced its move to buy Yammer and finally professional social network introduced a Facebook-like chat service. The new feature sits on the bottom right side of the screen, allowing Yammer users to chat with others in their company network, in much the same way that Facebook users can reach pals […]