15 August 2012
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Installing Auto Replace in Windows Live Writer

by lostintecnology

Download the Auto Replace Plugin file on your computer and transfer it to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins folder for users who are working on 32-bit OS. The 64-bit users can find transfer the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins folder.

plugin path

Restart Windows Live Writer and navigate to the Insert—>Plug-in tab. You will find the Auto Replace Plug-in in the Windows Live Writer plug-ins section, click on it to launch the plugin.

auto replace plugin WLW

The plug-in contains two tabs, one is Items and other one is Presets. In the Presetstab you can configure to capitalize name of months and days by default. In the Items tab, you can configure your personal settings for find and replace.


You can easily add and edit words you would like to replace automatically. After you enter a word and save the settings, it will be replaced the instance you write it and press the spacebar. The plugin might become unresponsive while adding or deleting some words but that’s normal, give the plugin window some time and it will respond eventually.


One of the best things about the plugin is, if you have some auto replace words configured in the Microsoft Word installed on your system, you can import all those words to Windows Live Writer auto replace plugin in a matter of few clicks. Simply click on the button Import form Word and wait for the plugin to respond.



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