31 July 2012
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A Car use Water as Fuel invented by Pakistani Engineer Agha Waqar

Pakistan throughout the world had been known for a lot of things from its birth to today, once it was a part of the hippie-trail, than it was known for sports good (well, a bit but yes), and…well, err, Pakistan was known for Pakistanis, and than our country went to the dark side; terror, bombs and bullets became our main identifiers, and still are but there are those as well which have forever been recognized in the world, the unparalleled natural beauty our country has to offer which has been blocked by constant security threats so they haven’t been able to provide much help unless we assure peace and stability across the country.

Today, there just might be one thing which can become the most positive identity of Pakistan as the whole world is constantly innovating to find the fuel of the future. The majority doesn’t agree on Electric Vehicles as the future but what we do agree is that soon, we will run out of oil but before that, oil will become too expensive to extract. Therefore, we need to have an alternative now.

Now though, things might change thanks to a Pakistani as the water fuel system developed by engineer Agha Waqar will run a 1000cc car 40 kms on a liter of water and a bike would give around 150 kms on a single liter of water.

Agha Waqar Pathan and Moin Raza, Khairpur based engineers invented the innovative and all new technology after a long struggle of three years which would also run motor bike for 150 kilometers while the generator would function for at least two hours in a liter.

While talking to Awami Web, Agha Waqar expressed pleasure upon his hard work and told about the engine that both the input and output sources of the machine is drinking water and that it could be run at the same speed of petrol.

On the other hand, the co-partner of the project, Moen Raza hoped that after the invention, new industries would be installed in the country for the distillation and water-fuel cars production which will also provide employment to tens and thousands of people in the country.

Earlier, they made an appeal to the government to support them in the completion of their project.

Meanwhile, the students of NED University have appreciated the efforts of Agha Waqar and Moin Raza, saluting their untiring struggle and appealed the government to assist both the engineers financially and must take necessary measures in order to provide a platform to other engineers in the country.





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