26 August 2012
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Android ICS Media Player Just for $100

by mobilemag

Gigantic multimedia theater PCs have quickly started to become displaced in favor of light weight Android devices that can do many of the same things, but at much cheaper price points. The newest addition to the Android media player family comes from Diamond Multimedia, under the name AMP1000.

The box has 1080p playback abilities, an advanced Internet browser, an oversized photo viewer, and other games, ebooks and magazine content. The device also has the full power of the Google Play store at its disposal. The only bad news is that it runs Gingerbread not ICS- at least for now. Diamond Multimedia promises early adapters will get ICS as soon as this week and that future shipments of the box should soon start including Ice Cream Sandwich built-in from the start.

The price on the AMP1000 is $120, though there is a special Facebook-only offer you can find that will knock off $20 and bring it to just $100. Overall, this box has a lot of potential if you are looking for a basic multimedia and gaming device for your living room.

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