10 August 2012
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For Android OS, Google has incorporated support for another 12 languages

by socialbarrel

For Android OS, Google has incorporated support for another 12 languages to the trial Conversation Mode of its Google Translate App.

In addition to the existing support for two languages, namely English and Spanish, Google added support for another 12 languages namely French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Polish. Presently, Google Translate App supports 14 languages.

Through Conversion Mode, the user can communicate with a person, who speaks different language. Words of the user speaking in the microphone are translated by the Conversion Mode and the translated words are read out loudly.

The other person can speak in his native language and the Conversion Mode translates it into the user’s native language and reads out the translation.

Google Translate 2.2 App has another feature, which enables the user to correct the text, being it is translated into the target language. Using the Android smartphone, frequent travelers can communicate with counterparts speaking different language.

For example, one can communicate with a French speaking person by running the application and keeping the microphone of the phone closer to the person. Application will do the rest. It will identify the spoken language, translates it into target language (should be selected by the user) and speaks it loudly.

Speech synthesis technology of Goggle is still in its initial phases of development, hence may not recognize different accents and dialects. Conversional Mode is still in trial stages, which needs an internet connection to function.

Users can see the translated version of speech in full screen with the help of magnifying glass icon so that the translated text can be shown to target audience.

Google Translate for Android supports text translation into 63 languages, voice input in 17 and text-o-speech in 24 amongst 63 languages. Google is working at adding some more languages to the Conversion Mode.

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