31 July 2012
Tips & Tricks
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How to Start a Hangout

1. Click on your g+ account name.

2. Click on green box on the lower right of the screen:

3. A screen will appear with instructions asking you who you want to invite. You can also test your mic and screen lighting.

You can limit your hangout to a specific person, family, friends, blog readers, work, or any “circles” you have created.

4. When you are ready to go online with your hangout. Press the green “Hangout” button.

5. At first, no one will be in your hangout. Wait for a few minutes for people to join.

6. If you want to limit your hangout to a specific topic such as “I need to talk to someone scanning my art,” then type that topic in the “comments” section under your hangout post (see below). You can only enter comments after the hangout has been initiated, so all you need to do is move your video screen to the side, and open up your g+ profile page to post the comment.

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