17 August 2012
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Now You can Delete Facebook Pics Permanently!!!

by arstechnica

For years, permanently deleting your photos from Facebook was harder than removing an arrow from your body. You thought you hit delete, but they often lingered on Facebook’s servers for months or years, still viewable by their original Facebook URL. Speaking from personal experience, this unintended feature was a boon to journalists looking to dig up old Facebook photos that unwilling subjects might have thought they’d hidden forever.

The company told that its new photo storage systems are in place and are now deleting photos within a reasonable period of time, which we were able to independently confirm.

But this doesn’t mean Facebook’s privacy problems are gone. There are plenty of other issues that Facebook users have run into in recent years. As the company moves forward into its new role as a public entity, those issues will have to be addressed if Facebook wants to remain on top

But now Facebook really does delete their photos after 30 days, permanently, from their server, forever, according to Ars Technica. The change came in February, according to Ars, just three short years after the problem was exposed in the first place. Luckily for snooping journalists, Facebook’s privacy controls are so confusing that even its own employees sometimes accidentally post private photos for all the world to gawk at.

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