About Custom Software

A custom software is that if there is no general software available in market to complete your requirement. It means you requires a very specific solution. And the solution is custom software that deals with your specific business needs. It can be a desktop based application, an online application, a mobile application or a desktop application integrated with internet connectivity.

We build customized software for your business using industry standards. We can provide software products to your business for many different operating systems and desktop & mobile platforms at affordable prices.

You tell us what kind of software solution you need, how you want it to run and on which platform, which business processes are involved for us to build a software with a view to exactly fit your needs. We always keeps in mind the idea of future business expansion, so your software will be built scalable and flexible to be modified later as your business grows or transforms.

Are you from manufacturing, operations department, marketing, Sales, HR, and looking for customized software applications which fit your business processes and your daily needs or If you need a customized inventory system, hospital management system, customer relationship management, pharmacy system, school management system or need automated invoicing software to bill your customers these are just a few desktop and web applications we can create for you.


The latest and most effective development technologies, such as PHP, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, XML and many more, are utilized to ensure the highest quality and reliability standards at every stage of the development process from conceptual design to product release.

Quality assurance

We know that reliable quality assurance is an essential part of any implementation methodology that why neutro solutions has a highly professional and well-equipped independent QA department that takes control over your software quality assurance and audit.


  • Delivery: Each custom software delivery is done on time and on budget.
  • Trust: Each delivery is a subject for acceptance procedures to confirm all the requirements have been met.
  • Marketing: Each delivery contains some of the expected functionality and can be put to use right away.

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