ecommerce developmentSelling your products online is not something new. That is exactly why it must be done well. An online shop can be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Good thing is online stores have little or no maintenance fees, no salesman, no rents, no front office, no warehouse. Your products online you reach your target audience directly globally and when they are receptive to your offers, when they are at home or anywhere else and when they are searching exactly for you are selling.

Our online store system is easy to use and easy to manage for newbies, you can keep track of your customers, stocks, the orders placed, what’s selling, what is not, when products should be delivered, what is the profit of each product or category, and basically any statistic you can think of. Payment is done either by cash-on-delivery method or by electronic payments through third party credit card processors, which are called payment gateways also, for your safety of your customers and yourself. Any other expansion is possible by custom programming. Image wise, the online store can look anyway you like. On other side our powerful hosting solutions will also provide you SSL certificate with powerful and affordable hosting servers.

You can compete with your larger rivals by instantly offering your products and services online to a wider range of consumers, all without the considerable expense of a retail outlet.
Our system currently working great with bookstores, jewelry shops, garments shops, shoe shops etc.

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Our Ecommerce feature list:

Standard customer features:

    • Customer can edit product options directly in the cart
    • Customers can register for an account
    • Customers can leave testimonials
    • Customers can sign up for newsletters
    • Send page to friend
    • Registered customers can edit their account details at any time
    • Registered customers can view their order history, print old invoices and reorder
    • Registered customer memberships and special pricing
    • Add to Wish list feature
    • Checkout with or without an account
    • Integrated configurable store search
    • Password reminder for customers
    • Printable invoices
    • Customers can leave reviews with star rating


Web-based administration panel:

    • Excellent CMS features, add new content pages or edit existing ones
    • Unlimited number of products/categories
    • Unlimited product options w/optional surcharges
    • Various display types for product options
    • Intuitive ‘great looking’ administration panel
    • Dashboard which shows latest orders, detailed order statistics for day, week, month, year and product inventory.
    • Ability to assign products to multiple categories
    • Featured products list and cross selling
    • Digital delivery system (mp3s etc)
    • Quantity discounts
    • HTML enriched product descriptions
    • Related products list
    • Customers also bought list
    • Unlimited product images
    • Product large image popup
    • Product cloning
    • Discount coupon codes
    • Full product stock control
    • Low-stock notifications
    • Ability to set minimal order amount
    • List Price and Our Price options
    • All major payment providers are integrated
    • Integrated newsletter/mailing lists feature for subscribed users
    • Wholesale trade, discounts can be added to user accounts

Shipping & Tax:

    • Free shipping option
    • Flexible shipping customization (based on the number of items, weight or order amount)
    • Customers can choose delivery methods
    • Customizable tax calculation
    • Unlimited custom delivery methods
    • Unlimited custom-defined destinations
    • Shipping restriction by location
    • Product-specific taxes
    • Tax exempt feature

Built in Search Engine Optimization features:

    • Site map generation
    • Breadcrumb trail
    • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Custom meta keywords and description for product, category and content pages

Security features:

    • Сustomer passwords are MD5 encrypted in database
    • Secure HTTPS/SSL administrative access if requested *
    • Passwords are always checked for security
    • Password-protected administrative access
    • Full HTTPS/SSL support *
    • Automated periodical requests for administrative password changes

*(SSL certificate required, please contact us for price)


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