12 August 2012
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Apple says it has no interest in licensing its patents, it want to shut out any competition

The case  started in the San Jose courtroom where Apple and Samsung have been argued a high-profile patent infringement case. The jury seemed to be dozing off, and a Samsung lawyer briefly flashed an image of source code meant for-the-jury’s-eyes only. But the two witnesses to take the stand for Apple had some interesting comments […]

7 August 2012
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 goes on sale later this month

by 9to5google The time has come that Samsung has made its Galaxy Note 10.1 official. It announced in a press release this morning that its 10.1-inch tablet will ship to the masses worldwide later this month. The tablet will be equipped with Samsung’s infamous S-Pen that allows users to take notes and easily make drawings […]